pj dressing…

September 27, 2016


This year has been very good to fashionistas in the trend department. Patches on denim, bomber jackets, velvet, silk, and fringe are just a few of the hottest movements to follow in the industry. Continue Reading

Fiery scarlet…

September 20, 2016


I’m a strong believer in colors. Warm brights can cheer you up, pretty pastels make you feel flirty, and rich jewel tones transform you into a pinnacle of elegance. When it comes to dressing for work, I’m all about colors and comfort. It’s an unfortunate misunderstanding that office wear has to be neutral and one-dimensional.  Erase that concept from your thoughts, because saturated hues definitely have the potential to be your Monday-Friday best friends.

Continue Reading

Time for basics…

September 15, 2016


“Basic” can sometimes have a lackluster connotation. But when it comes to your wardrobe, your basics are your best friends. As days cool down, you’re going to start layering up. Jeans, boots, sweaters, scarves, and jackets are all basic pieces that you’ll want to invest in when creating your fall capsule wardrobe. So when do you invest in an accessory? When you know you’ll wear it all the time – like a unique watch. Continue Reading

Silk burnout…

September 13, 2016


Has the fall chill set in for you yet? Whether you’re facing 50-degree mornings or you’re still donning your mini skirts in the hot hot heat, it’s never too early to think about your autumn wardrobe. When creating a seasonal capsule wardrobe, you want tons of options to mix and match. But it’s equally as important to have a few of those head-turning pieces that you love to wear. Continue Reading