Color in Cabo…

July 28, 2016


Trying to figure out how to best show off your stunning tan while on vacation? Colors are key. While everyone has certain colors that flatter them and other shades they tend to shy away from, summer brights are universally flattering on any skin tone and complexion. In Cabo, my outfits danced around this color palette of chartreuse, royal blue, poppy pink, orange, teal, and a few contrasting neutrals. When you work within a color palette, you can mix and match any items and not have to worry about what will look best.

You don’t need to wear hot pink from head to toe in order to pull off a summer bright. Throw on a white summer dress or a favorite nude-colored top, and accessorize with your favorite hues. Think about what you want to draw attention to and what you’d like to highlight, and then dress accordingly. Want to draw attention to your perfect complexion? Throw on a statement necklace. Proud of those toned legs? Enhance and elongate your shape by wearing a flirty skirt and a colorful heel. Not only will you feel great in colors that suit you, but others will take notice, too.

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