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June 27, 2017

I have a bit of an obsession that I feel compelled to share with my readers…I’m currently loving reversible pieces. There’s nothing better than finding a piece you love and discovering that you can wear it TWO ways! That is the absolute definition of versatility.  And to make matters even better, Furla, one of my favorite handbag designers, gave their Metropolis  a 90th-anniversary makeover that included interchangeable pieces.

One fun fact:  reversible garments have been around for a long time. Ancient shepherds used reversible fabrics, with a warm side they would wear when the weather was cold, and a cool side when the weather was hot.

Okay, now back to the cool handbags!

Furla, the producer of amazing bags and other Italian leather goods recently unveiled their 90th-anniversary collection. While these bags are beautiful and anyone who looks at them would want one, what’s really amazing is the backstory. For Furla’s 90th anniversary they decided to create nine versions of their iconic Metropolis crossbody bag. Each bag represents one of their nine decades in business. As a press release from Furla explains, “to narrate the story of a brand that began its journey in 1927 and since then has traveled, in women’s hands, across these ninety years”.

Each bag embodies a popular music genre of the decade. Just a few of the genres included are; jazz, rock n’ roll, hip-hop, and disco. The final bag represents the 2000s, the age of technology that Furla couldn’t have predicted when they began in 1927. The bags were presented at Milan fashion week this year by a flash mob performance (of course).

Ninety years of history is impressive enough, but Furla went a step further. The bags are extremely versatile since the flaps and straps are interchangeable. So if you decide you need some 1970s disco in your life but also love the cute red, black, and white pattern of the 1940s, no worries! You can get both flaps for the same bag and change them out depending on your mood.

As you can see I fell in love with the 80s bag and it totally inspired me to go a bit punk in these edgy white and black striped pants, black platforms, and a satin (reversible!!!) jacket. While in this picture I went with the classic black strap, the bag also comes with a chain strap for nights when I’m feeling extra edgy.

Reversible fashion has come a long way since the days of shepherds. No longer constricted to outerwear, fashion-forward brands like Furla are making luxury bags more versatile. Furla has officially deepened my obsession with all things reversible!


What I wore;

Jacket, jeans- Scotch & Soda

Bag- Furla

Shoes- Stella McCartney


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