Signs of Spring…

February 21, 2017

Transition wardrobes can be difficult to stock properly. Between winter and spring, you’re looking for pieces to keep you cozy (but not too warm), and bright colors to combat leftover cold and gloomy days. I find that lightweight pieces in floral shades are just the ticket, and can be styles in numerous different ways. Continue Reading

Pretty in pink…

February 16, 2017


Winter has been fun as far as dressing up goes — layering, textures, and playing with proportions. But now I’m slowly starting to incorporate a few spring pieces into my outfits as the days get warmer and the months move on. It’s hard to believe, but spring is just around the corner…. And I’m excited to start dressing for it! Continue Reading

Daytime sequins…

February 14, 2017


Making your favorite clothing and accessory trends appropriate for work is all about the silhouette. I take this to heart so I can wear my (many) favorite trends on a daily basis. Sequins are not just for after dark… Continue Reading