Stripes and ruffles…

December 8, 2016


Anyone who knows me, knows my signature style is a ’70s-inspired silhouette with a high-contrast color palette. The construction of this blouse in a lightweight silk hits the nail on the head, and I’m obsessed with stripes and ruffles! The neutral stripes nod briefly toward the ’70s as well, but are updated with a modern twist of varying line weight. The bell ruffle sleeves really make this a standout piece. They give the overall look depth and movement, which ultimately make the outfit unique.

However, these Charlotte Olympia suede pumps may steal the show. A wardrobe staple (the black stiletto), intricately appliqued with a flowing gold accent. The best part? I got a huge discount at a sample sale. You can go to sample sales or outlet stores of your favorite brands to find some of the best deals, which is exactly what I did. This was the best sale I found all year! And I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for similar sales in the future.

I accessorized with gold jewelry and a burgundy lip. The overall vibe I wanted to channel was luxurious and professional, so I paired everything with a black pencil skirt. But I could also match the bell sleeve top with a beautiful dark wash jean or black trouser. Sophisticated, sexy, and elegant. Hair up or down, tights or bare legs, and with any lip color I could imagine, this look is going to serve me well all throughout the upcoming year. What more could a girl ask for?

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