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Velvet crush…

November 29, 2016


I’ve been loving velvet anything for quite some time now. The texture is timeless, luxurious, and expensive-looking. If you know you’ve got a velvet crush like I do, you can invest in velvet pieces. If you’re still on the fence about the look, you can opt for trendier pieces that won’t break the bank. Continue Reading

Homage to Sergeant Pepper…

November 8, 2016


Like history, all great things in fashion repeat themselves. Enter: the revival of the military trend. With structured silhouettes and androgynous accessories, it’s a statement that takes some skilled styling to pull off. Continue Reading

Warmth in autumn…

October 20, 2016


Many people assume that neutrals consist of greys, blacks, and whites. What you may not know is that browns and nudes are some of the most versatile neutrals out there! And autumn is the perfect time to incorporate these warm tones into your wardrobe. Continue Reading