April showers = cute rain boots…

April 7, 2017

Rainy days can take a hit on anyone’s mood. When I look out the window to see grey skies and wet streets, I know that my outfit will be extra bright that day. Dressing for a specific mood or feeling definitely has power over your morale. And what better way to combat a rainy day than with colorful rain boots that could double as works of art?

I love my new shortie rain boots from Hollenberg Bros. Their tag line is “Art for the street, made for your feet” and these boots are definitely that! And these are limited edition, so I’m very happy I got them when I did! With all of these colors in one print, I can easily mix and match my tops, dresses, and even umbrellas to style these boots. A bright, poppy red sweater paired with a simple blue jean goes great tucked into these boots, and doesn’t take away from the beautiful artwork printed on them. I can add another print near my face by opting for an umbrella or scarf, just to keep visual interest going from head to toe.

Some extra tips when dressing for rainy days…
1. Be sure to wear makeup setting spray. The humidity in the air can ruin your foundation and eyeshadow in minutes.
2. Go for all-weather tote bags as opposed to leather. There are some gorgeous nylon or canvas tote bags out there that are made specifically for tough weather. They’re also usually on the bigger side, so you can stash your heels inside for when you get to where you’re going.
3. Wear brights! Stand out from the crowd of blacks and blues. I’m a firm believer that color definitely affects your mood, and creates a stronger first impression.

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