Brights & Stripes…

July 26, 2018

At the beginning of the summer, I visited one of my favorite getaway spots in Newport, Rhode Island. Donning stripes and funky prints was just one way I channeled my inner nautical queen in a modern and fun way that weekend, and I recently returned to enjoy the beachy ambiance once more. This time, I set out for more inspiration to fuel unique seaside looks. I do love a traditional silhouette – but if you know me, you know I love a chic twist just as much as a classic staple.

The basis of this ensemble was inspired by the beautiful waterfront – the flowy skirt mimicking the rolling waves, and this classic denim jacket and white tee combo nodding to a traditional nautical color palette. In order to make this my own, I drew from a more robust color scheme for my chosen statement piece. I can’t help but smile when I wear this skirt from Anthropologie. The retro and modern hues marry very well not only with each other, but with my basics on top as well. It’s a casual look at the end of the day. However, options to dress up the skirt for evening outings are endless!
Of course, the water wasn’t the only thing that inspired this getaway look. We can’t ignore this statuesque, yet quaint, lighthouse behind me. Rich with history, this piece of art was built as the “first beacon to guide mariners into the bustling Newport of the early 1800s.” Mixing the old with the new, the strong architecture with the ease of lightweight fabric, the muted color palette with the brightness and saturation of magenta, red and yellow – these things prove that you can find inspiration and juxtaposition anywhere you look. All of these elements are part of the driving force behind my love of traveling.
As always, I’ve thoughtfully completed the look with the right accessories. A beach-themed wicker and fringed Calypso bag perfectly fits the landscape, and these nude heels take this outfit from day to night without having change shoes at all. How I love these summer trips for their endless inspiration, the challenge of styling for the environment, and the company I spend my time with along the way. Don’t forget to revisit my first trip to Newport for more coastal styling with a Wardrobe Envy twist!

what I wore;

Skirt, tee- Anthropologie

Shoes- Alice + Olivia

Bag- Calypso

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