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November 1, 2017

As a stylist, one of my favorite things to do is to tweak trends to make them work in unexpected ways. Fewer things are more satisfying than having someone compliment your outfit, “Oh, I never would have thought of that! You look fantastic.” Camouflage is definitely a go-to for me right now, and I love being able to wear it for all occasions. If you think that camo only belongs in the “casual” section of your closet, think again! By dressing up your favorite printed jacket, you’ve gone ahead and increased the value, longevity, and the versatility of one item, creating a myriad of new options! And who doesn’t love to make the most out of their wardrobe?

Here, I’ve gone with a head-to-toe blush look as a base. When featuring a strong trend in one ensemble, you want the rest of your outfit to support it — not overshadow it. Any sort of neutral here would have been great as well, including black, white, nude, or a muted metallic. Another thing to remember when constructing any outfit at all is to make it your own; to add your own signature style. These wide leg trousers and ’70s-inspired blush pink silk blouse from Alice + Olivia do exactly this. Anyone who knows me can recognize my nod to the bohemian decade. Seamless, streamlined, and sexy, these two pieces create a sharp contrast compared to the playful statement on top, perfect for a casual work day in LA.
Not a camouflage girl? No problem! Wear your monochromatic outfit underneath a sequined bomber or a shag overcoat for that same kind of drama ( With any statement jacket, you want to keep the accessories minimal. I love this jacket in particular for the “built-in” accessories — the QUEEN applique on the back, the zippered neck detail, and the cinched waist all subtly add to the complete look. That means that after grabbing my Furla crossbody on my way out the door, I don’t have to worry about accessories at all! By following these guidelines you can layer like a Queen in many different ways, but its your signature style that makes the look your own.

What I wore;

Entire look; Alice & Olivia

Bag- Furla

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