Camp, Bells, and a Rainbow….

August 6, 2019

Are you petite? Tall? Curvy? Thin? No matter your body shape (which is perfect just the way it is,) it can be difficult for any woman to find correctly-fitting pieces off the rack at your favorite stores. One of the easiest ways to combat the shopping struggle is to be friends with your body and know what she needs to feel great. Do you love your long legs? Maybe you have great shoulders! Choose the parts of your body that you want to highlight, and understand what kinds of garments compliment your frame. If you’re petite like me, shopping for proportional pieces can be a struggle. Over time I’ve come to love my favorite stores that cater to body types like mine, and I’ve also accumulated some tricks of the trade to make me look as long and lean as possible (despite needing help to reach the top shelf.)

Being petite, heels have become a dear friend of mine. Wearing a platform or a stiletto – or both – allows me to play with proportions that I otherwise would not be able to. Even my sneakers are flatforms! I love my height, but creating the illusion of a few extra inches opens up an entire new world of styling possibilities. If you page through my old posts you can spot a mile high heel in every outfit. A favorite combo of mine is the platform heel with a wide leg or bell bottom pant, like you see here. These ’70s-inspired jeans give off a “cool kid” vibe and match my aesthetic without looking too juvenile or basic. They have a medium-high rise, which elongates my leg even more. The waistband also draws attention to the smallest part of me, which is important when wearing a boxy or oversized jacket.
The blazer itself is lightweight and is easy to wear during the summer. Even though it’s a bit oversized, I’m not swallowed up by any fabric because the other outfit elements fit me perfectly. The cheeky, grape hue compliments my graphic tee and conjures smiles from bypassers on the street. Speaking of the shirt, can I take a minute to talk about how much I love it? As part of the 2019 Met Ball installation collection, this tee literally screams “Camp” in the best way. Camp as a theme on the red carpet is one thing, but translated into cute, ironic ready-to-wear clothing is another. I saw the top and had to have it, not only to remember one of the most incredible red carpet moments of the year, but also as a nod to pride month. Camp is oftentimes a means of fashionable expression in the queer community, and actually originated as part of the LGBTQIA+ culture. As an ally, I’m proud to wear this top during pride month and the months that follow.
This is a more modest and covered outfit for summer, so my color palette is more important than ever. As always, I need my statement bag! I’ve added a sleek rainbow bucket bag to this look in order to tie in the camp, pride, and summer themes. And of course it wouldn’t be a Wardrobe Envy outfit without my signature heels. These poppy red and pink platforms not only match the top perfectly, but also give me that much needed height that I mentioned earlier in order to pull off full length jeans. With finishing touches like my trendy barrettes and cat eye sunnies, I’m ready for anything the day might bring me. This outfit fits me like a glove, plays to my proportions, and just puts a smile on my face. At the end of the day, that’s what styling is all about.


What I wore;

CAMP tee- Marc Jacobs

Jacket, jeans, clutch, sunnies- Alice + Olivia

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