Color theory…

December 22, 2015


Basic color theory states that when two contrasting colors are put together, they “pop,” meaning that when placed next to each other the contrast is striking. The color that contrasts best with orange is blue, although you can use shades of each of these colors to evoke different effects.  For example, this scarf is more peach so it’s visibly softer than a true orange.Today’s look explores both contrasts and shades. Designers have long understood how color can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions. It is a powerful communication tool.

I chose a cobalt pea coat as the contrast to the peach scarf.


What I wore:

Coat – JCrew

Flannel – JCrew

Scarf – Zara

Jeans – Current Elliot

Sneakers – Adidas

Bag – Saint Laurent

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