Coral Color Story…

March 30, 2017

An innovative way to create outfits with your favorite color is to find other pieces in that same color, but different shades. Coral is a go-to for me. It compliments my skin tone and complexion, and it’s a pretty hue that makes me happy! However, there are better alternatives than head-to-toe color when I’m feeling bright and fun. I’ve highlighted this look with pops of peach and pale pink to water down the saturation and add an element of soft femininity.

Because orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel, I know that a slate or sky blue will be just the right contrast for this spring time look.  My light wash denim jeans work well for a casual daytime ensemble, but I could also dress this look up with a sophisticated and streamlined midi skirt or longline trousers. Anything to offset the volume in the bell sleeve of the top would be just fine.
To complete the look, I’ve opted for pale pink block heels. These sandals aren’t only complimentary to this color story, but they’re a versatile spring and summer shoe as well. This outfit is a stellar example of separates that can work all year round for different occasions – which is very important to me, since versatility is one of the foundations of my wardrobe. If you’re unsure about which colors to wear this spring, try out a coral or orange. The warm tone is complimentary on many skin types, and it’s a fun and unique alternative to springtime pink.

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