Hello Goldie…

January 16, 2018

Business Casual dress codes can sometimes get the best of us. Even the most stylish and creative of women can become discouraged when they feel confined to neutral suits and kitten heels. While a few working environments still require employees to dress in a traditional manner, many workplaces are becoming a bit more lax. It’s a no-brainer that when you look your best, you feel your best. And when you feel your best, you can do your best work! So how can you put a twist on your business casual wardrobe? Think about incorporating your signature style and favorite colors to classic daytime silhouettes.

While you may not be wearing tomato red trousers into the office, don’t let that deter you from trying out new colors or shapes. Do you normally opt for a cigarette trouser? Try a wide leg, like I’ve done here. Tired of the same old navy and black? Red doesn’t have to be a next step. Try out an emerald green, a royal blue, or a nice plum tone. Even adding one new element can refresh your day-in and day-out “uniform.” Complement that new shade with a pop of the same color on top. A patterned blazer or a complementary cardigan can complete your new look while still staying totally workplace-appropriate. Since these photos were taken on a gorgeous day in L.A. after my morning meetings, I swapped out my top layer for a statement jean jacket. The “Hello Goldie” applique on the back of my Scotch & Soda jacket ties into the trousers perfectly and creates a fantastic visual track for the eye.
Now while I’ve dressed down the entire look with denim and a graphic tee, the embellished clutch and my signature stacked heels instantly elevate everything. Perfect for taking the outfit from daytime to evening, these accessories are the true base for the versatile outfit. And these trousers have proven more versatile than I originally planned, as well. If you remember these wide-legged beauties from a previous post, you know that I’ve gotten good use out of them over the past few seasons. I truly believe that versatility is the most important variable in any successful wardrobe. Whether I decide to invest in trendy pieces or classics, I always want to make sure that I can imagine multiple different ways that I can wear them. Signature pieces and versatility is what style is all about!

What I wore;

Jacket- Scotch & Soda

pants, bag- Alice & Olivia

Tee- Lauren Moshi

Shoes- Aquazurra

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