Italian diaries part due…

August 2, 2016


I’m a firm believer in utilizing the space that surrounds you. Take advantage of an aura, an interior’s aesthetic, and play off of the colors. When I first saw the inside of the exquisite Grand Hotel Tremezzo music room, I fell in love. The velvet sofas and chairs were plush. The mirrors, fixtures, and art work were beautiful antiques. The entire space was luxurious and bright, and I could have spent hours just sitting, taking it all in.

When you have a space that inspires you to dress a certain way, you surely take advantage of it. This vintage Missoni maxi skirt happened to match the interior design perfectly, almost as if my outfit was part of the room’s aesthetic. I channeled Italy’s beautiful, warm landscape in the mosaic colors and flowing construction of the skirt. I know that when I wear this look back home, I’ll instantly be transported to this breathtaking trip. It’s all proof that by wearing the right outfit, you can construct your own aura and improve your mood, no matter where you are.

I styled my Missoni with a simple t-shirt and denim jacket. Since the skirt is a work of art in itself, I styled around it. Contrasting brights like this plum shirt and saturated blue jacket really compliment the water-color designs of the skirt without distracting. I’ve worn my Ralph Lauren wedges again – a neutral that peeks out as I walk. A cobalt cuff and a fresh manicure were the last two details to make this outfit come together.

I could easily style this skirt for an intimate patio dinner or night of dancing as well. A white off-the-shoulder top or a simple sleek crop top would take this look from daytime casual to nighttime chic. By switching out my wedges for a sexy stiletto and wearing a darker lip color, I’ve made an easy outfit transition. So whether I’m outside enjoying a glass of wine or indoors taking in the luxurious interior designs, I feel fresh, put together, and holiday-ready all the time.


What I wore:

Tee shirt- Madewell

Skirt- vintage Missoni

Wedges- Ralph Lauren

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