Knee high in flowers…

October 17, 2017

The trend so nice, it’s featured twice! This time around, the boots are the stars of the show. If you remember last week’s blog, I donned a gorgeous floral print on a black sleeveless top, paired with a cozy shag coat and voluminous wide leg pants for fall. This time, I’ve switched some proportions around.

For a more sleek and streamlined appearance, the black in the boots travels through the entire look, highlighted in the satin details of my tuxedo jacket as well as my suede pleated skirt. But since all-black-everything has never been my thing, I drew out a few of the colors from the floral to highlight as well.
The tuxedo jacket itself is a midnight hue of royal blue velvet. Luxurious and elegant, this piece is still wearable for every day use. Just dress it down for daytime wear! Complimenting the blue in the jacket and top is the yellow saffron pony hair bag by Tory Burch. If you’re ever stumped as to which colors to pair together, you can use the Color Wheel trick. Complementary pairing, which I’ve done here, pairs colors opposite (or nearly opposite) each other on the color wheel. If contrast isn’t your thing, go for the Triad pairing technique. This lets you choose three colors side by side on the color wheel to wear in one outfit, as long as you draw a few neutrals through as well. A great example of this would be if I switched out my yellow bag for a deep violet clutch.
The boots themselves obviously steal the show here. Because there are so many colors embroidered throughout, I have a full range of color choices I can wear in blouses, skirts and dresses. I love that these boots are so versatile — not only when it comes to pairing colors, but when it comes to outfit types as well. Dress these up for daytime like I did by going for a casual blouse and a mini skirt. Wear them for a night on the town with a mini bodycon or sheath dress, depending on your preferences. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re showing a bit of leg between where your skirt stops and the boots begin. When you cover the entire leg, you can appear shorter and less lean.
Looking for accessories to spruce up your autumn wardrobe? Look for trends that have been around for a while, like embroidery. You can get trendy pieces at relatively inexpensive prices too, especially if you’re hesitant to invest in something that’s so temporary. Wear one or two trendy pieces with classics that you love, and you’re sure to turn heads!

What I wore;

Jacket, Boots- Alice & Olivia

Bag- Tory Burch

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