Leather + Lace…

February 28, 2017

With the change of seasons, I’m often eager to pull out the newest, trendiest pieces from my closet and wear them every day. The problem with trends is that they’re sometimes not as functional as I’d like, or they’re uncomfortable. After trial and error, I’ve come up with the ultimate comfy outfit that I can wear nearly anywhere this spring … while still being on-trend!

This fringed midi from Alice + Olivia is definitely the statement piece of this ensemble. The peachy coral is a perfect shade for the coming months and always puts a smile on my face. Because it’s a midi and can easily create unflattering proportions, killer heels are a must. Forget pinching pumps — I’ve opted for an easy-to-walk-in stacked heel with a platform. As a rule of thumb, the more surface area the heel covers, the easier they are to wear.

I’ve gone neutral on top with a simple denim shirt. The moto jacket comes in handy for more brisk days, and adds a bit of edge to an otherwise feminine outfit. I love the biker details on the shoulders and extra zippers, and the blue makes it springtime-friendly (as opposed to a classic black.) For accessories I could really go with any colored bag, since the outfit is relatively neutral. I’ve gone with a pop of royal blue suede to stand out from the crowd, and some fringy earrings and delicate rings as finishing pieces.

I love this outfit not only for how relevant it is to today’s trends, but also for the movement and functionality. The key to looking great in your clothes is feeling great in your clothes, and that starts with comfort.

What I wore;

Jacket- Marc Jacobs

Skirt- Alice + Olivia

Shoes- Alice + Olivia

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