Lush meadow…

August 25, 2016


With fall quickly approaching, it’s time to switch out some summer brights for deeper hues. While the leaves on the trees change from gold to orange to red, try and dress to contrast your surroundings. Green — be it hunter, kelly, emerald, forest, or these beautiful shades of Lush Meadow — is going to be your best friend for the autumn and winter that are fast-approaching.

“Elegant” is a word that comes to mind when I look at saturated shades like Lush Meadow. Textures can elevate the luxury factor even more, like these velvet pumps from J. Crew. Natural greens are pretty, but I can’t help but notice heads turning when I’m wearing my emerald pieces. I usually accent vibrant pieces likes these with some of my favorite neutrals. Navy, camel, and grey are all great complimenting colors. If you’re looking for more of a wild card pairing, try a flirty fuchsia or canary yellow.

If you’re not quite sure about fully committing to such a bold color, play it up with a print. My foliage-inspired button down from Tory Burch is a great piece for the office, the class room, or even out and about running errands. Day or night, this rich jewel tone looks great against any complexion.

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