New year, new wardrobe…

January 2, 2018

The new year has started! We’ve torn off the last of our 2017 calendar pages, vowed New Year’s resolutions, and started to put holiday decorations away. It’s a wonderful feeling — the fresh start of a new year with all of the possibilities and unknowns. Not only can this apply to your work and lifestyle, but it can apply to your wardrobe as well. Every year I’m sure to continue building my wardrobe with interesting pieces. And even if a new garment or accessory seems “out there” or “trend-forward,” sometimes I’ll surprise myself by simply trying it on. That being said, I’d love to challenge all of my readers to try new things in their wardrobes this year!  Drawing a blank of what to add? Searching for inspiration? No worries. I’m here to give you the first push.

1. The Skinny on Textured Leggings. Some women live in their leggings, and others refuse to wear them in public. Whether you love or hate this skin-tight trend, it can serve a multitude of purposes in any woman’s wardrobe. Dress them up like I’ve done with a favorite duster and embellished top, or dress them down with a long cardigan or cozy turtleneck and some statement jewelry. For this particular outfit, I’ve opted for a leather legging by Alice + Olivia. The key to finding the perfect pair of leggings is to actually try them on! This way you know exactly what they feel like and what the texture looks like in person. Keep in mind that something so close to the skin can look “not quite right” if it’s too tight, too loose, too long or too short. Don’t have time to go shopping? At least look for leggings in a brand that you know and love. Textures like patent, lace, liquid leather, cashmere, distressing, and python all add an interesting element to an otherwise one-dimensional bottom half of the outfit. Not that there’s anything wrong with jeans or simple trousers, but we’re looking to try something different!
2. A Color Story. We all have colors that draw us in; colors that we gravitate towards when shopping. Maybe you’re guilty of the 75% black wardrobe, or the 50-shades-of-blue wardrobe. It’s fantastic that you’ve picked out a color or two that makes you feel your absolute best. However, when we stay in a safe zone, we close off the opportunity for more options. Who knows? Maybe there’s a color out there that you love more than blue (hear me out!) Try out a poppy pink, a rich red, or this year’s Pantone Color of the Year LINK: ( Luckily, we all have a gut instinct as to which colors work with our hair and complexions. So even if it’s just trying on a mustard yellow sweater in a dressing room, I challenge you to try a new color as soon as possible.
3. That’s a Wrap. No matter your shape, weight or height, a wrap-style garment looks phenomenal on everyone. It’s one of the few universal things that all women should own for multiple reasons. The nature of a wrap is like a grown-up version of the skater dress. It draws the eye to the smallest part of your waist, shows off your curves, and creates an enhanced hourglass figure. Whether you find yourself wearing a dress every day, like cozy cashmere sweaters, throw a coat over absolutely everything, or can’t stand sleeves, there’s a wrap out there for you. If you’re smaller on top and have more petite shoulders, look for a wrap with wider lapels, some kind of ruffle, or embellishment to create more balance. If you have a larger bust and more narrow hips, search for a wrap with an a-line or full skirt shape on bottom. Bonus? A wrap is one of the easiest pieces to layer for all different seasons and occasions.
Do you have more ideas as to what you’d like to try in your wardrobe this year? Remember to comment below or Tweet at me. Maybe I’ll feature one of your ideas in the upcoming weeks. Until next time, enjoy the beginning of a Happy New Year!

What I wore;

Jacket, pants, top- Alice + Olivia

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