Nothing to wear?

May 4, 2021

Guess which statement is true:

  1. I carefully put this outfit together BEFORE my carribean vacation, thoughtfully planned out accessories, including the hair picks.
  2. I bought this kimono-like dress in the glamorous boutique at the resort.
  3. I forgot to pack my favorite vacay outfit.

If you guessed #3 then you’re correct!!

So what’s a stylist to do but to make do in St. Lucia!  I belted my asian inspired bathrobe (yes, I said bathrobe) and then added the straw clutch and turquoise hair pins and voila!  Time for a mai tai!

This somewhat out of character stumble reminded me of how much fun styling can be and how creativity plays such an important role in creating a look… fact, when I returned home I was inspired to revisit the utilitarian pieces in my closet to create new and fun looks….

  • lingerie top with a blazer and jeans?  Why not?
  • Maxi dresses work as a skirt with a tee? Definitely!
  • One piece swimsuit doubles as a bodysuit with high waisted trousers? Of course!

What kind of creative looks have you come up with?  Comment below or email me at and I’ll discuss them on my radio show and podcast, Fashion Friday with Tina on anywhere!

What I wore;

Silk robe- Natori

Flip flops- Adidas

Bag- Local vacation boutique

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