Seaside Serenity…

June 14, 2019

There’s something very calming about the sea mist that calls me back to Rhode Island every once in a while.

While I absolutely love traveling to sunny and warm destinations, a change of scenery (and temperature) is always welcome. If I’m being completely honest with myself and with you, an overcast East Coast day can be just as enjoyable to me as a tropical afternoon under the sun. With Rhode Island stealing a tiny piece of my heart every time I go back, I find it appropriate to dress in a breezy, romantic way during my visits. If you’re a religious Wardrobe Envy follower, you know that I tend to lean towards bright colors, strong silhouettes, and not-so-subtle accessories. But just like there’s a time and place for everything, a misty walk alongside the ocean calls for an easy and feminine weekend outfit.When you dress in an ensemble that strays from your “regular” aesthetic, you’re creating new possibilities for yourself and your wardrobe. You’re more likely to experiment with different pieces, try new combinations, and finally utilize some of those garments that have been hanging at the back of your closet for a while. For me, I love a good cinched waist and a platform heel. Those are my personal must-haves in any outfit, on any occasion. But the rest of this look was definitely inspired by the dreamy fog and subtly muted colors of an overcast landscape. This maxi skirt is the star of this look with its gold metallic thread running throughout, tying in my select pieces of jewelry. The featherweight layers of the skirt move beautifully, whether I’m walking seaside or running errands closer to town. It’s lightweight too, which is nice in unpredictable climates like this one. If I get too chilled, I turn to my handy lightweight top layer. This nude-colored leather jacket isn’t too heavy, has removable fur for different seasons and occasions, and sets the tone for this outfit’s color palette.
The blush satin top and shoes act as other neutrals to compliment the skirt, and can easily be swapped out for rich coffee-colored alternatives by the time evening events roll around. As always, it wouldn’t be one of my outfits without a unique handbag. This box clutch works perfectly for day-to-night and surprisingly has enough room inside for all of my necessities. A helpful tip when creating a monotone or neutral outfit is to include metallics where you can — gold, silver, copper, and rose gold are all great alternatives to black or white, and they have the power to create the illusion of dimension when the outfit could otherwise fall flat. And besides that, no matter where you are, you deserve to sparkle just a bit. Where is your favorite summer travel destination?

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