So long Summer…

September 2, 2019

A little red, white and blue never hurt anybody! When the infamous color trio makes its appearances at the beginning of summer, it’s all you see in stores, on your Instagram feed, and on your favorite style icons for two months. However, the palette’s ubiquitousness usually tapers out before the first of August to make room for more autumnal hues. So before I exchange my bright primary pops of color for burgundy, olive, and camel, I wanted to get one last “farewell” post in saluting summer’s most iconic color palette. This week, I’m bringing it back for a less-fireworks, more-fireside vibe.

With summer days slipping through my fingers, I wanted to snap a few photos a la seaside while the air is still a little bit balmy. This easy-to-wear look was inspired by my precious remaining summer weekends and love for the water, so the focal point is my Beach sweater. The fabric is so lightweight that I actually forget I’m wearing long sleeves. It’s also perfect for layering when pre-fall weather can be unpredictable. Paired with my my tried and true FRAME jeans, this outfit doesn’t leave quite the same impression as many of my other daytime looks. And when it comes to casual, that’s usually best. You don’t often see me dress casually so I couldn’t lead you to believe that I wear platform heels every Saturday morning. Sticking to a paired-down vision allowed me to accessorize this ensemble until my heart was content.
As many of you know, I have an ongoing internal debate as to whether I adore bags or shoes more. And I have the collections to prove it. This look was begging for some statement accessories, so that’s exactly what I gave it. My patriotic platform slides served me well on the 4th of July so I wanted to give them another breath of open air before putting them away for the fall. These are the hero pieces that tie the color palette together and invite in other pops of red. My MCM belt bag is actually a summer staple, though I don’t believe it’s been paired with this understated of a look before. And my handy bandana was a chic, last minute addition before walking out the door. I prefer utilizing different textiles and fabrics as opposed to layering on excessive jewelry when it comes to my Saturdays and Sundays. The few chosen pieces of jewelry I did opt for included simple stud earrings and stacked rings. These add just enough of a sparkle to contrast the cozy coastal look. This is an easy outfit formula that you can use with the items you already have in your closet, so choose your color palette and get styling before summer is officially over!

What I wore;

Jeans- Frame

Sweater- Gypsy

Bag- MCM

Shoes- Tommy Hilfiger

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