Sweater weather…

October 27, 2016


Now that there’s a permanent chill in the air, I’ve officially adopted Sweater Weather mentality. I’ve traded in my cap sleeves for chunky knits and my open-toe pumps for over-the-knee boots. Covering up in style is definitely my favorite way to take advantage of the dropping temperatures.

Gray is a great color to have in all facets of your wardrobe. This is perhaps one of the most versatile neutrals, and it will always be in style. Because it’s a classic pigment, it can be used for any piece, simple or trendy. And it looks fantastic against primary colors, jewel tones, and pastels.

When working with multiple pieces of one color, don’t let the outfit fall flat. Like I always say, texture is the door to depth and visual interest. The suede of my boots is mesmerizing in a way that makes you want to reach out and touch, as is the detachable collar on this sweater. These textures are the most successful way to create dimension, especially if you choose to work with gray-on-gray.

If you prefer a warmer palette, you can stock up on these same pieces in camel or beige. Check out my outfit roundup “Warmth in autumn” from last week for some brown-tone inspiration.

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