The refined return of matching separates…

July 5, 2016


Fashion has been known to repeat itself. And lucky for us, the ‘90s are back in full swing. The Fall 2016 Alice & Olivia collection hints back to the beloved decade with its funky jackets, matching separates, and bright primary colors. What makes these trends better than the first time around is the elevated level of sophistication and interesting construction of the garments.

Once upon a time (1990), the matchy-matchy look was reserved for your grandma’s pastel pantsuits or Baby’s first photo op. Now, wearing matching separates can instantly dress you up, because designers have revolutionized the aesthetic to make it relevant for all ages. You immediately look put together, it gives an illusion that you put more effort into your outfit than you actually did, and you are automatically on trend without having to try too hard. “Twosies,” or matching separates, have been taking over the runways and your favorite retail stores in the last few years. Why? They have the appeal of a dress or jumpsuit without the inconveniences. Because no one likes having to use the Ladies’ room in a jumpsuit.

The leather and grommets give this otherwise-very-feminine outfit a sassy edge without being too heavy. Summer days can be miserably hot — and depending on where you are — unbearably humid. Not exactly the kind of weather that makes you think, “Hey, I’m going to put on my leather top today.” Both of these pieces are extremely lightweight despite the constructed, armor-like composition. And the crop top gives it that extra “summer feel.”

My favorite elements of the skirt are the multiple dimensions. The textures layered on top of each other pique visual interest and keep the eye moving. And the way it hits slightly above the ankle is right on trend for dresses, skirts, and even trousers this season. Although the construction of the skirt is streamlined, I still have plenty of room to move around and the material allows my body to breathe.

Do you have a pair (or five pairs) of matching separates in your closet that you’re dying to wear this season? Wearing them together isn’t your only option. Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts, where I show and explain how to style these pieces individually. What are you most looking forward to seeing? Feel free to leave your comments and questions at the bottom of this post, and I’d love to work the answers into my posts to come.HT3A0499HT3A0506HT3A0544HT3A0561

What I wore:

Top, Bottom, Shoes – Alice + Olivia

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