Ultra Violet…

May 2, 2018

A true showstopper, Ultra Violet is Pantone’s color of the year. And for good reason! Intense, empowering, and dreamy are just a few words that do this specific shade justice. Unique to any of the trending colors that we’ve been seeing for the past few years, Ultra Violet has a true rockstar-esque presence. Prince, Bowie, and Hendrix all favored the blue-purple for it’s royal quality and stage presence. In all honesty, I feel pretty stage-ready (or runway-ready, rather,) in my own Ultra Violet look.

This satin robe from Revolve will be a go-to for me this spring. A simple silk blouse and my favorite pair of Frame skinny jeans underneath let this robe speak for itself for a weekend day out and about. I could also layer this over a LBD for evening, or take it into summer by throwing on a floral number underneath. Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine something so different in your wardrobe. If it comes to that, play around with items you already have in your closet! I opted to stay within the violet color family, adding in pops of lavender in this blouse and YSL heels.
Don’t think this is the right shade for you? Don’t write it off just yet. The whimsical color plays well with other colors — pastels, denim, and solid neutrals underneath make for a complete ensemble that looks good on anyone. There are also other ways to incorporate a color that shines so brightly. If you don’t want Pantone’s color of the year to be the spotlight of your outfit, look for a simple piece of jewelry or a statement bag. Dipping a toe into the Ultra Violet water is a lot less intimidating than throwing on a silk robe right away.
Gold jewlery and a Gucci belt are my accessories of choice to complete this luxe springtime look. Want more inspiration when it comes to donning such a standout shade? Keep an eye out for future posts to see how I incorporate this Ultra Violet into my closet throughout the rest of 2018.

What I wore;

Satin kimono- Revolve

Blouse- Equipment

Jeans- Frame

Shoes- YSL tribute sandal

Bag- Alice + Olivia

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