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October 14, 2016


I’m a strong believer in creating a unique, staple style for yourself and investing in it. My personal aesthetic is all about classic silhouettes and fun colors accented by vintage accessories. I have a few gorgeous vintage bags that have been featured in blog posts before, but it’s important that my jewelry gets some love, too.

Collecting vintage jewelry is a small hobby of mine. I appreciate the handiwork and craft that went into each and every piece, the high quality of stones and metals, and the timelessness of a statement piece that you only find in a something that’s decades-old.

There’s no better way to complete your outfit featuring “something old,” than by complimenting it with something new! My hardware-inspired magenta box bag from Mark Cross is a small carry-all that I can use for any occasion, even into the winter months. A rich berry stands out against any neutral outfit. and looks phenomenal alone against the metallic details of the bag’s design. Perhaps the most satisfying element is the geometric construction, which creates an element of sturdy contrast in the sea of woolen, scarf-wrapped layers this snowy season.

So whether you prefer old or new, borrowed or blue, your accessories are just as important to your overall look as the rest of your outfit. The style of these gems and jewels should reflect your personality and lifestyle accordingly.

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