Warmth in autumn…

October 20, 2016


Many people assume that neutrals consist of greys, blacks, and whites. What you may not know is that browns and nudes are some of the most versatile neutrals out there! And autumn is the perfect time to incorporate these warm tones into your wardrobe.

Mixing and matching warm browns and beiges is going to create interesting depth and contrast in your neutral outfits. The camel, black, and white contrast of this fur jacket creates an implied print as the focal point of my look. And the other hints of rich browns really stand out against the black leather pants and white lace top.

These burnt sienna velvet platforms dress up any daytime or nighttime look this time of year, and the chocolate stripe of the bag inadvertently draws the outfit together as well. As you can see, neutrals don’t have to be (and shouldn’t be!) boring. So dig those pretty camel boots out of the back of your closet and throw on your favorite brown leather jacket, because fall is in full swing.

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