Wild Wild West…

January 8, 2019

In hopes to avoid this year’s gray and chilly December in New York, I packed my things and headed west to catch some sun and fun. For those of you who follow my posts and know my signature style, you’re probably surprised by the lack of sparkles and velvet in this holiday season outfit. Not to worry – they’re there! They’re just a little bit toned down for this daytime look. While I did get the opportunity to don floor-length glittering maxi skirts and suede stilettos during my time in Vegas, I was mostly inspired by the western scenery around me – so that’s what I wanted to feature in my first post of the new year!

This cowgirl-meets-Vegas getup started with this shiny western blouse. The transparent shimmer of this vintage-style top gives it a bit of modern flare without being gaudy or over the top. However, shimmer during the daytime isn’t always an easy thing to pull off – this is why I chose to balance the top with classic wide leg trousers. Not only do they allow the shirt to be the star of the show, but they also add a sophisticated edge to make sure the outfit doesn’t appear kitschy.

When styling an outfit with a theme in mind – whether it’s western, nautical, grunge, or something else – it’s important to always be thinking about balance in order to avoid appearing costume-y. That’s why this double-buckle western belt and cowgirl shirt play well with these other classic accessories and basic trousers. The shoes are a chunky velvet heel that go with anything, day or night. This Fendi logo shoulder bag is also a solid choice for day-to-night dressing, taking me from the Vegas Strip, to the shops, to the restaurant table, all in one day. If these accessories don’t feel like anything you would wear, you can use your creative liberties to style your daytime western outfit the way you want to! Just remember to balance your ranch motif with basics and classics to achieve that elevated look of a fashionista, and to avoid being mistaken for a Vegas showgirl.
No matter where you travel this year, take in your surroundings as you go. Your scenery can act as your vision and influence just as easily as it can act as your backdrop. Hop on that departing plane with an open mind. Maybe it will be the sprawling coast of Myrtle Beach, or the cozy nooks in an Aspen cabin, or the Vegas strip itself – you may be surprised by what inspires you…
Happy Trails!

What I wore;

Top, pants, shoes- Alice + Olivia

Belt- B-low the belt

Bag- Fendi

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