Yellow- Hope, happiness, and sunshine…

May 20, 2020

The concept of color psychology can be seen in marketing, art, design, and of course fashion.  Although much of the “science” behind it is anecdotal and your feelings about color are very personal and are rooted in both experience and culture.  One undeniable fact is that colors can affect moods, feelings, and even behaviors.White, for example, is most often associated with innocence and modernity….how do you feel when you are in an Apple store?  Ever been to a fuchsia painted doctor’s office?  There’s probably a good reason for that! Red evokes passion and sexiness. The color blue a sense of calm and confidence.  Color theory was my favorite course in college and the things I learned there has shaped how I view the world and how I express my creativity.

Today, let’s explore yellow. This bright yellow cardigan takes an average outfit of jeans/tee shirt combo to a more interesting aesthetic.  Yellow is most definitely my happy color.  I started this look with a leopard body suit, which acts as a neutral, paired it back with a cognac brown shoe, and bag, and then accessorized with tons of chain link necklaces to finish.  The important part for me was choosing the color that expressed the emotion that I wanted to feel, and by wearing that color I felt that emotion.  So don’t think twice about being bold and expressing it with a bold color, even if it’s a bold lip color!

Comment below what’s your go-to happy color?

What I wore;

Sweater- Mr. Mittens

Bodysuit- Zara

Jeans- Mother Denim

Shoes- Alice + Olivia

Pendent- Brinker and Eliza

Necklaces- Dylanlex

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