Making Fall happen…

September 25, 2019

Fickle weather is inevitable once summer decidedly morphs into autumn. You can wake up to sunshine and warmth, but on your way home from the office you need a sweater and socks to protect yourself from chilly winds and overcast skies. Hero transitional pieces will be your best friends during this time of year.

 A couple of weeks ago I posted about one of these pieces, the lemon yellow midi skirt. I’ve already gotten so much use out of it that it’s paid for itself, and I desperately wanted something similar in a different color to wear as fall marches on. I admit that the Nordstrom anniversary sale was good to me this year and answered my prayers with this cargo-inspired skirt. This bubblegum pink midi is a head turner, and there are oh-so-many ways to wear it!
When the sun is beating down, chenille and velvet stay in the closet. I like to dress down this midi skirts for daytime by pairing with a graphic tee and a denim jacket just in case the clouds decide to make an appearance. The pink of the skirt puts a huge smile on my face so I wanted to make sure I incorporate the color from head to toe. The tee is covered with the rosy hued hearts and these platform heels give nod to the color palette. A statement clutch incorporates an extra textile to create a bit more visual interest against the color blocking.
When 80 degrees depletes to 50 degrees, it’s time to add on a layer or two. If you’re following along at home, you can transform your look with just a few simple changes. Swap out your heels for a sleek pair of booties. I’ve chosen white because I love the stark contrast against the pink, but you could also opt for a black or burgundy boot for something more subtle.  This chenille sweater is an oldie but a goodie, having been a fall go-to in my closet for a few years now. I’ve layered on a cap and scarf to dress down the outfit, but if you want to take this look out on the town all you need to do is add a chic necklace or some drop earrings instead.  This belt bag was a no-brainer for this sporty look. The pop of neon pink ties back to the skirt and the casual athleisure vibe matches the dressed down cozy ensemble perfectly. I feel good in these outfits, and at the end of the day, clothes should make you feel your best. The more you understand about fabrics, silhouettes, layering, and what looks good on your body, you can use this information to totally transform your mood.


What I wore;

Skirt- Topshop (Nordstrom)

T-shirt- Jcrew

Heels- Charlotte Olympia

Boots- Alice + Olivia




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