Millennial pink…

May 18, 2017

What is “millennial pink?” I’m not necessarily pink’s biggest fan, however, over the past five years I’ve accumulated some beautiful peony-hued pieces. It’s hard to avoid this shade, because the millennial generation’s demand for it in both fashion and in media has been overwhelming. I’m never one to say no to a beautiful color trend.

Pink is a versatile blanket term for any shade of cotton candy, bubble gum, or carnation. While I tend to favor lighter, less-saturated versions, there are a few exceptions in my wardrobe. This printed shirt from J. Crew is perfect for breezy days by the water. Sprinkled with coral and fuchsia pineapples, it fits right in on the California coast. Perfectly complementary to this shirt are these Crayola-pink woven clutch and bauble necklace.

The warm pink heels and sleeveless sweater, however, definitely belong on NYC streets. More sophisticated and elegant in nature, these are wardrobe staples that I can wear all year round. Layered under jackets, over sleeves, or worn alone, this Alice + Olivia sweater is a piece that I’ll be wearing for a few years. The timeless knit is exactly the kind of thing I treasure finding in stores, because I can see visions of all the different ways I can wear it before I even get it home and take the tags off.

I can wear these pieces with white for summer, and with black or navy come fall. Pink is ubiquitous. Wherever you are in the world and whatever your lifestyle may be, expect pink to sneak into your wardrobe before the end of 2017.

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