Skirting past January…

January 9, 2018

To honor my last post about introducing new items into your closet for the new year, I wanted to kick things off with an updated wardrobe staple: the maxi skirt. A closet favorite for many women, the maxi skirt somehow gets recycled season after season no matter which trends come and go. When we think about skirts, spring and summer automatically come to mind. Floral pleats dancing back and forth across runways, full gowns sprinkled over a beautiful springtime wedding venue, and draped sari-style skirts covering the latest swimwear at the beach. However, I consider the maxi skirt a seasonless wardrobe staple! All you have to know about styling a skirt for winter is how to layer and how to utilize seasonal color palettes.

The look I’m wearing here is perfect for my trips to L.A. at this time of year. While it’s not too hot or too cold, I can still have my choice of shoes and jacket to complete the ensemble. The way that this Alice + Olivia maxi flows in the chilly breeze really shows off the gold embellishments. I absolutely love the way the light hits the metallic flecks, and how this detail is toned down by the matte suede of my jacket. Remember to create contrast in textures like this in order to keep the outfit balanced. The suede, paired with my Frankie Shop leather satchel, tones down the large block of metallics.
Because there are so many interesting patterns and color blocks going on here, I layered everything over a plain black tee. You always need a simple base with any kind of combo like this. If this outfit doesn’t seem very reasonable for a New York winter (especially the one that we’ve been having,) it’s very easy to style in a warmer way. Instead of my go-to platform stilettos, I’ll opt for sweater tights and chic boots to combat the snowy weather. I can also switch out the suede bomber for a longer fur or textured coat. With only a few tweaks, this skirt can easily be styled all year round and for many occasions. All the more reason to invest in an interesting maxi skirt for the New Year!


What I wore;

Jacket- vintage

Skirt, sunnies- Alice & Olivia

Bag- Frankie shop

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