Billowy Boho…

June 5, 2018

How wonderful it is to be home for a while after weeks of traveling. Just like my home is cozy, comfortable, and familiar, those feelings were the inspiration for this week’s look. While I’m all about trying new things, it’s called signature style for a reason. My ’70s-inspired boho look is unmistakably my own with wide leg jeans, an embroidered balloon sleeve blouse, and a unique handbag that I brought back from my last trip to Mexico.

Did I say jeans? Because these light-as-a-feather trousers actually feel like chambray and flow with all of the volume of a chiffon skirt. I love the light weight material and consider it a necessity for New York summers. When I feel like I’ve exhausted my organzas and linen blends, this chambray-esque fabric is a nice change of pace for the warmer months ahead. Mimicking this movement on the lower half is my Anthropologie embroidered top. When wearing blousy materials like this, it’s important to show off the tiniest part of you. Maybe its your wrists, or your waist, or your neck. Whatever it is, you cannot forget to accentuate it. When you wear a garment with little shape, you can appear larger or wider than you actually are. I’ve tucked in the blouse and finished the look with a simple brown belt, accentuating my waist and bringing in the earthy tones of the bag and shoes.
This outfit debuted at a friend’s birthday party. And a good daytime party is a fabulous reason to switch out the basic tote for a statement bag. I love my artisan accessories from my travels, especially this little satchel from Mexico. It’s simultaneously modern and classic, with intricate handwork and detailing for visual impact. The straw bag paired with jeans is one of my favorite trends at the moment. You’ll definitely see more of of this combo in upcoming looks.
To finish everything off, I added a silk flower to my hair for a feminine touch. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice the subtle girly accessories and jewelry sprinkled throughout the feed. Just another way to incorporate my signature! What I love most about this ensemble is how versatile the pieces are. If I were to take a look at just the top, or just the jeans, or even the heels, I would be able to create numerous different looks and options for the duration of the summer (and the fall.) The possibilities are exciting!

What I wore;

Top- Anthropologie

Jeans- Alice + Olivia

Bag- Palma Canaria

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